What our Customers are saying


I LOVE my Michigan Sports Teams (Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions, Detroit Redwings, Detroit Pistons and Michigan Wolverines & Michigan State Spartans) But where I live, I was only getting about 10% of the games. I purchased my TV Box and now I don’t ever miss a game. If I am away from home (while a game is being played) I can go back up to 7-days and watch my game. I have become a binge tv watcher (lol) with all the Movies & great TV Series. I was so happy about completely eliminating my high cable bill while adding so much more, that I purchased 3-more boxes as gifts for my family. All I can say, grab your popcorn and enjoy it while saving that monthly bill.


Wanted you to know how happy I am with my new No Fee TV Box. I now can watch every program I desire with a great quality picture. I am especially pleased with the way my Box allows me to watch Apps. When I used to watch Pluto TV, from my TV, the App came up slow and always froze in the middle of the program. Now when I watch Pluto TV on The Box it comes up fast, never freezes and I have no problem searching for shows in the category section. I also want to thank you for setting up my Box for me right in my living room.


I was skeptical too but honestly, it’s a game-changer. Super easy to set up and I canceled my cable the next day. You won’t regret it!


I work hard, so when I get a chance to watch TV, I love that I can always find the game or movie I want. The best part is NO MONTHLY FEE


Justin (UTAH)

I was not sure at first, but a friend showed me how easy it is to use. We ordered our box and eliminated our monthly TV Bills and watched all the Football we wanted.




Programing, Sports and Events I use to pay for are now legally free


Chris (NEVADA)

I love the box. I can watch my local news, as well as, my hometown in Utah. I have more options with no monthly bills.


I’ve had the box for about 3 years now ! I LOVE IT ! I get NFL package , PPV events , MLB . I can go on and on and on . I recently upgraded to the S5 and it’s badass, it’s a lot faster. I was able to get rid of my cable and the best part of the superbox is a ONE TIME PAYMENT!! GET THE BOX


I was so Happy to CUT THE CABLE BILL. Thank you so much.


I Love to watch my Westerns. There is an endless supply.


I have personally enjoyed My Box for over 4-years. When I travel, it is small enough to take with me. I never miss anything on TV that I don’t want to. If I am in the middle of a series, The Box saves my exact spot where I left off. When watching movies, it is nice not to have any interruptions of commercials. The Quality is AMAZING. Everything I want to watch from Sports, Movies and Series with NO MONTHLY FEES… I had a friend educate me about how to improve My TV Experience. Thanks Again


My wife and I love the box. We love to watch different programs. With the box we both get all the channels we love. Thank you for sharing with us.

Jennifer (GEORGIA)

I recently purchased from NO FEE TV and I am extremely impressed with its quality and performance. The design is sleek and modern, fitting perfectly with my home decor. The functionality is top-notch, allowing me to stream my favorite shows and movies seamlessly. The customer service has been exceptional, with prompt and helpful responses to all my queries. The SuperBox S5 is a cost-effective option, providing great value for money. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality streaming device.

This is amazing! You can get any show, movie, series, or sports All you need is the internet!

Larry (FLORIDA) 

I am blown away by the Superbox S5 Max’s performance. This is how TV should be – effortless and full of choices.  Great product crystal clear picture Highly recommended. 


I love that I can watch any tv show from my childhood from the beginning



This product is wonderful, I was able to cut my cable TV and it was well worth the cost of the new box. I could not believe all of the channels and all of the movies for FREE



I love that I can find any movies old and new that I want to watch. I love watching fights on saturday nights. I take my box with me wherever I go. Love this product and you will to.


Clarence (Virgina)

I am the number 1 RAVENS FAN.  I LOVE the BOX, because I can be anywhere and I NEVER Miss a Game.  Thank you so much for sharing the NO FEE TV with ME.